A future vision on social media

Nowadays everyone is connected with each other through a great variety of social platforms. We share everything, everywhere with everyone. The reason for this behavior is not always clear. Maybe we are afraid to miss things, to miss the stories online we talk about during lunch.

The goal of my final bachelor project was to assist people in their daily lives and overcome their personal challenges that withhold them to live their desired life. The final result of my project was to develop a future vision on the way we use social media. Throughout 4 months, I did research on the effects of social media on teenagers and talked a lot with this target group. This ended with the concept of Trigger, to make them aware of the role of social media in their daily lives. The final design consisted of a concept video, a working digital interface and a 3D model of the wearable.

Trigger is designed to sketch a future vision on social media, designed around the changing needs. Trigger needs to be a social platform that focuses on objective posts, room for discussion and an addition to your real-life. It’s a network where you are open about your life due to the closed design. You have a good overview of your connections and they’ll be lost if you have no more contact, physical or digital.