A shape-changing interface

Nowadays, appliances play a major part in modern kitchens. Mixing machines make it easier to quickly mix your ingredients, but one is detached from the product that is mixed. The tangible feedback of kneaded dough is completely lost with a machine in between the user and the dough.

(Re)Mix is a mixer of which the surface of the mixing bowl gives an indication about the consistency of the product being mixed. One can, for example, feel the small lumps when the ingredients are not mixed together well, but also the smooth mix when it's finished. This tangible feedback ensures a direct coupling between the user and the ingredients being mixed. Mixing is initiated by manually turning the bowl; by controlling the speed of the bowl one can then also control the speed of the whisk.

(Re)Mix was the result of a two-week assignment to explore the opportunities and design space for shape-changing interfaces. The team consisted of three students, in which I mainly focused on the interaction design and the final video.