Case Forbo

Innovation analysis

In a group of seven people, we worked on a business case for floor manufacturer Forbo. Forbo Flooring Systems is a global provider of premium commercial and residential floor coverings. Within one week we explored their brand by sensing the business context, user context and potential markets. The final result was a recommendation presentation and report.

Companies more and more focus on healthy environments for their employees. The facts show that this could potentially pay off. According to a meta-analysis of 15 studies, better indoor air quality can lead to productivity improvements up to 11%. Since salaries typically are responsible for 90% of an organization’s costs, even small improvements in staff performance can have a major benefit for a company, and therefore an area to invest in. The concept Breathing Floors responds to the opportunity of improving current work environment conditions. By actively improving the air quality within a working environment, we create a more healthy environment which can lead to an increase of productivity of employees. With the help of market available air purifying technologies, Forbo can create a floor that purifies the air and collects dust. By joining forces with smaller partners, Forbo is able to quickly adapt to upcoming and changing markets, and can gain a unique position within the market of floor manufacturers. If we look at the industrial growth in Asia, air pollution will stay an important problem in the upcoming years and could result in a growing market segment.

Within the team, I was mainly responsible for business research and the final presentation. Within one day, I made a few simple animations to present our concept to the client. The images are some examples of business models we used and were designed by someone else.